Within Reach

"This was my first reading and I was very pleased with my experience! Joan is warm, welcoming, and professional. Her reading was spot on and I left there with my questions answered and a new outlook on my life that opened my eyes. I recommend her highly. I left feeling optimistic, positive, and with more direction."

Rene Mayer, Orlando, Florida


“I spoke to Joan after being sick for over 2 months, and she immediately knew I had a mold issue in my house. Amazing!”  Jill Sanders, Orlando,  Florida

"It's rare that you come across standout talent like Joan. I recently had the opportunity to have Joan do a read on me. I had never been to her office before, and I was pleased when I arrived. Joan is a very warm, welcoming person, and she immediately gave me that feeling of "exhale" when I sat down. As I was being read by Joan, she was ridiculously spot-on when she was channeling. Joan gave me incredible advice and guidance as to what small things I can do to help myself (from the inside) to better deal with some of the challenges I was facing in my life. I was not at all expecting to have this happen, and I was actually left feeling empowered, with clarity and control of the things that were happening around me. Joan was able to channel a lot of various messages to me on different topics---and I sat and listened with an open mind and ears! As it turned out, now 6 weeks later, everything she channeled to me was accurate, and I was able to have the clarity of mind to handle it all. I have never felt more centered and wise than I did after our session. I was able to walk away with a peaceful confidence and empowerment, and I owe it all to the talents of Joan."  Angela Decker,  Marietta, Georgia