Within Reach

Suggestions for receiving a Psychic/Mediumship Reading

  1. Be relaxed and in a receptive frame of mind.
  2. Realize that every reader has their own unique way of receiving and delivering messages. Please be open to the unique style in which the reader conveys the messages she receives.
  3. ​Be willing to verify evidential information for your reader, this will help eliminate confusion and allow the information to continue to flow uninterrupted.
  4. ​Please refrain from arguing or debating about the messages being delivered. Sometimes the messages may not make sense at that moment but will be clearer by the end of the reading or at a later time.  
  5. Realize that you may not hear what you expect to hear, or hear from who you want /expect to hear from, but you will always receive the messages that are most important for you to hear at this moment. 
  6. ​While readings can provide a look into future events, please remember that you have the power to change coming events. Future events can be changed if  you change your thoughts and actions regarding said events. Nothing is set in stone.​​​
  7. ​In order to help get answers to questions you may have, please meditate on the information you wish to receive before your reading, this helps get the energy flowing.