Within Reach

Joan's strength lies in her ability to connect with Spirit guides and channel their guidance to her clients.  Joan receives her information through visions, physical sensations, auditory messages, and intuitive knowing.  Her goal is always to provide information that is most important for her clients to know, at this moment in their journey, to give them clarity and peace as they go forward on their path.  Every session is started with a request that the information provided will be for the greatest and highest good of each client, and that it comes only from Love and Light.

Joan began her studies in intuitive/psychic development after experiencing visions that were confusing to her.  Having always had a very strong intuitive knowing about people and events, Joan decided to seek out ways to better understand what she was experiencing.  She began her studies by taking several intuitive development and angelic communication classes.  Wanting to be able to put into practice all she was learning, Joan dove deeper into the spiritual world by completing the coursework for certification in the “Anastasi System of Psychic Development”.